Martrade Group is a totally independent and privately owned German Company. Since the foundation in 1982, with its roots even dating back to the seventies, the core business of Martrade is Shipping, Terminals and Logistics.

Martrade has over the last decades expanded its service offering from niche ship operations on own time chartered vessels and niche logistics services in key markets to investments in port terminals with modern handling equipment as well as open and covered storage facilities.

In all 3 key segments, Martrade is able to offer innovative, competitive and tailor made logistics solutions according to customers' requirments.


Facts About Us


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News About Martrade


Indian Pipes to Iraq

1 September 2015 - Martrade has successfully completed the transport of approx. 450.000 freight tons of steel pipes from India to the final destination in Iraq.

Middle East state owned oil company

26 November 2015 - Martrade has been awarded sea transport and discharge services from port of Antwerp (Belgium) to destination port of Shanghai (China).

Middle East drilling contractor

02 February 2016 - From Khor Al Zubair (Iraq) free zone to port, sea transport, discharge in port of offloading.

Chinese drilling contractors

17 April 2016 - From Khor Al Zubair (Iraq) port of discharge to site (inland Iraq).

Saudi Oil and Gas Contract

30 June 2016 - From private Saudi manufacturers of Oil and Gas equipment to several destinations, involving local trucking, ports services, shipping and discharging.

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Core Competencies


Martrade Shipping Division offers Integrated ocean transport service to the Bulk and Breakbulk Industry. read more

Project Logistics

Project Logistics
Growing out of its shipping services, Martrade Logistics is offering end-to-end logistics services for complex and niche projects. read more

Port & Terminal Operation

Port & Terminal Operation
Martrade has set up three independent port terminals as strategic gateways for their customers´ cargoes; Terminals are located in Ukraine, India and Iraq. read more

General Services

General Services
With over 3 decades of business relations and experiences in numerous countries of operation, Martrade Services offers IT and Consultancy Services to its customers. read more


One-Stop Solution

One-stop Solution

"We strongly believe that we can provide our customers tailor made shipping and logistics solutions, through a good mix of our expertise and obligation to care, innovative ideas, and state of the art equipment, thereby achieving customer satisfaction and creating a positive business atmosphere"

-(Martrade Group CEO, Günther Hahn)